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Everyone needs a great, quality journal for affirmations, gratitudes, journaling and brainstorming.  The Ninja Journal was specifically designed for just this purpose.

In Ninja, we learn that mindset is a critical element in creating a successful business and a successful life.  By starting your day with gratitudes and affirmations you are setting the tone for a positive mindset for the day. The Ninja Journal is the perfect place to write your gratitudes and affirmations.  By maintaining the ritual of writing your gratitudes and affirmations in your Ninja Journal each morning, you will have a daily record that you can review in the months and years to come.  

The Ninja Journal is crafted in Italy by Castelli.  We designed the Ninja Journal so it could be easily carried with you everywhere you go. 

The specifications on the Ninja Journal are as follows:

  • Size 5 1/4 " x 8 3/8 "
  • 192 ivory pages with gray lines
  • Gold ribbon marker
  • Rigid cover

A note on Shipping Rates:  We do our best to keep shipping as reasonable as possible.  The most economical we can ship these via USPS is about $6.50 for a single journal in the United States.  This may seem expensive for a $16.95 product, but we really can't ship it any less expensively.  When it comes to shipping to Canada there is a significant savings in when you purchase both a Ninja Planner and a Ninja Journal on the same order compared to ordering these products on separate orders. Check out our blog about tips when shipping to Canada.