"If I had the Ninja Planner when I had started in this business it would have saved me 10 years of trying to develop my own notebook or tracking system.”

Tami Spaulding, Broker Associate/Partner, The Group, Inc.


"It is amazing and I use it daily! I’m hooked. Being a brand new agent, I feel that it’s helped me stayed organized and focused"

Jennifer Hollins, Coldwell Banker, D'Ann Harper Realtors


"The Ninja planner made it so easy to incorporate Ninja selling into my business. It is a literal game plan for following the Ninja Path, and has been incredibly useful for assessing and monitoring what has been successful in my weekly activity. My productivity has increased dramatically, and the Ninja Planner has made it easy to structure my business into a strategic 'Ninja routine'.”

Gregg Thomas, Broker Associate/Partner, The Group, Inc.



"I am a fan of the Ninja Planner. It keeps me organized and on-track. It has become the brain of my business, especially for keeping track of Flow activities."

Sara Horner, Broker Associate, Partner, The Group, Inc.