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2023 Ninja Planner Unbound - 3 Hole Punched

Dates covered will be August 1st-December 31st, 2023.

Many Ninjas have asked for an unbound version of the Ninja Planner that is 3-hole punched and ready to fit into a 3-ring binder of your choosing.

Well, this is it!  The Ninja Planner Unbound contains the exact same pages as the Full Year Bound Version but it comes unbound, with no front or back cover and no spiral binding perforations.  Like all versions of the 2023 Ninja Planner the pages are 8" by 10" in size.

With this version, you can simply take the pages of the Ninja Planner that you choose to keep you on track every day.  

As with all the 2023 Ninja Planner versions, the 2023 Ninja Planner Unbound is your daily, weekly and monthly guide on the Ninja Path and contains all of the features you have come to rely on in the Ninja Planner.  It has been specifically designed to follow the Ninja System.  Ninja Selling is both a sales platform and a path to personal mastery and life purpose. Followers of the Ninja Selling System say it not only improves their business and their client relationships; it also improves the quality of their lives.

Why It Works

The 2023 Ninja Planner works by focusing your attention on the Ninja Nine -  the nine habits in the Ninja Selling System that can transform your business from average to extraordinary

The Weekly View (see video) in the 2023 Ninja Planner allows you to see your weekly progress on the Ninja Nine habits at a glance, keeping these lead measures of your business in top of mind awareness so you can focus your attention where it is needed most.  

The Monthly View (see video) is designed to give you an At a Glance overview of your month.

In the Box

Each Ninja Planner is shipped with a set of six heavy duty, reusable tabs and two pockets you can use to customize your Ninja Planner to fit your personal style. Watch a brief video about how to use these resources.

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